Through personal experience, solid sports backgrounds, close one-on-one support, and a solid knowledge of the different colleges and playing levels in the US, we will work with you to find a school that fits your needs as an individual to make your university experience positive, comfortable and successful.


We were once in your shoes. Every member of our team at SportsFuture has gone through the process of becoming an international student-athlete in the US, and we are dying to share our knowledge and experience with you!

It is important to us to find out what your individual goals are, and to work closely with you and your family to design a plan to reach these goals.

We love what we do, and we want to help to give you your best shot at being a successful student athlete in university.

There are many benefits to teaming up with SportsFuture to help you through this process:

  • Full one on one support to answer any questions that you have from the moment you contact us, until you’re into your college career.
  • Insight into the university experience from former international student-athletes.
  • Connections to coaches all over the country.
  • Unique online profile, which can be easily shared to coaches throughout the recruitment process.
  • Resources to build high quality skills and highlight videos.
  • We keep you on track, so you can keep focused on the important things in your life!
Frequently Asked Questions

When is it a good time for me to start planning for University with SportsFuture?

It is never too early. We would love to hear from you as early as grade 9 to begin guiding you in the right directions to kick-start your future to become a successful university athlete.

Does SportsFuture accept any athlete who is interested in playing in the US as a client?

Becoming a student-athlete in the US is no easy task. SportsFuture will only take on clients who they believe will be successful both academically and athletically in US universities. This decision is made after initial assessments of each athlete.

Can SportsFuture guarantee me a scholarship offer from a US university?

We do not offer any guarantee of a scholarship offer. If companies are guaranteeing you a scholarship offer through their services, it is important to note that this can jeopardize your eligibility to play. We are here to offer our full support and consultation advice to guide you to success, but it is up to you to seal the deal with your talent!

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